Thursday, April 14, 2011

One blogger, on a quest

Damn Arbor has recently made a foray into the world of tumblr. I've discovered some interesting things in Ann Arbor's tumblsphere. Case in point: the hungry beluga. the hungry beluga is on a quest to eat at every restaurant in Ann Arbor. Their most recent adventure involved a early morning trip to SELMA.


  1. SELMA: mmmmmmmm.

    Also, challenge accepted.

  2. Thanks for shout out! I think the list needs some updating... lots of hidden gems out there!

  3. Don't forget:

    Fleetwood Diner (Hippie Hash)
    Madras Masala (Indian food)
    Great Lakes Seafood Restaurant(Chinese food.. yea technically in Ypsi but so what, its good)
    Sadako (Amazing, cheap sushi. Also get their spicy fish bowl)
    Rich JC (Stone Bowl Bibimbap)

    Many more I can't think of at the moment, but will add when I get the chance

  4. Earlier this year I made this map for a friend from Detroit who got a job in Ann Arbor and needed lunch tips. It's not entirely complete, but I hope it covers a lot of the important bases.