Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Hill Music Festival

Oh hey Paul Tinkerhess, wasssaaaaaap?

So Mistah Tinkerhess and his lady of the land, Mzz Clair Tinkerhess, had a brainchild a while ago, and it's finally coming to fruition: Goddesses and Gods, behold:

The Water Hill Music Festival.

So there are a bunch of cute little names for neighborhoods around Ann Arbor. Kerrytown! Where there are a bunch of dudes named Kerry! And Old West Side! Which you would think would be the historical side of town... but isn't... and I still don't know why... and Burns Park! Which is half houses, half Greek life!

So Mistah Tinkerhess (sorry Paul) decided to name his wonderful 'lil neighborhood Water Hill. Okay, so Paul and Claire (yes, the owners of Fourth Ave. Birkenstock and parents of Miller, Eric and Martin) may or may not fight over who thought of the idea, much like all of their shmamazing ideas, but Claire conceded yesterday that Paul was the one that really jumped into this project. No matter! The two of them have fallen into the idea whole-heartedly, and now we only have two days until the project debuts.

So what is this greatness? Puhlease. If you don't already know, you're worthless. Ohemgee, jay kay! Alright, for realsies, the Water Hill Music Festival is a porch-focused music festival in this area: Water Hill! Surprise!

Performing acts have to have at least one musician that resides in the Water Hill area, which equals Miller to Sunset and Brooks to the railroad.

I'd be flat-out LYIN' if I said that Paul and Claire weren't super excited about this. Just yesterday, when I was working at Fourth Ave. Birkenstock (CONFESSION), Paul told me awwwwl about Vienna Teng, an artist that performed for the first 50 artists that signed up for the festival. Ms. Teng is a labeled artist herself and quite popular, hence the excitement.

Teng or not, this is a pretty notable Ann Arbor event.

So come one, come all! It's 2-6 p.m. this Sunday, May 1. Don't forget to bring your dancing feet, an instrument or two - and, let's be honest, some hippy soul.

Photo courtesy of Paul Tinkerhess.

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