Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What, if anything, is a hipster?

Recently I've noticed that some businesses on Yelp have their ambience listed as "Hipster." Take for example Old Town, or Tomukun. What does this mean? I'm not even trying to get into the whole "who is and is not a hipster debate." But rather, who gets to decide that Tomukun is a "hipster" joint and Comet Coffee or 8-Ball aren't?


  1. Odd! I would say that OT is pretty *unhipster*. hmm.

    nice mention of Comet Coffee/8-Ball/hipsterism in order to prod me to comment, btw.

  2. Ok. Have you guys been to the Old Town? Come on! Go for a burger and you'll get service from hipsters and catch sight of City Attorney Steve Postema (not hipster material). The distinction should be immediate, clear and you'll enjoy the steak fries.

  3. Maybe so, but I still don't think I would list Old Town's ambiance as hipster.

    Hell, this whole city is teeming with them. Maybe we should just cordon off whole blocks.