Monday, May 23, 2011

Breaking News: RAW Haus on fire UPDATED

We are getting reports that the former RAW Haus is on fire.

Update: There was a fire at the former RAW Haus, 715 Miller. The house and its neighbor (the WAR Haus) are unoccupide and undergoing renovation. Until 2009, the RAW house was home to a lovable gang of punk rockers and served as a local concert venue. In August of that year the residents of the house were evicted because its numerous code violations resulted in the home being condemned. Or at least that's how I understand the property's history. You can find more about the RAW Haus on Punkopedia and this Observer article.

Hat tip: My mom for texting me to let me know about this breaking news.


  1. Remember when 826 burned to the ground after it closed?

  2. @Chris, You mean the Tech Center where the new YMCA is right? Not the Robot Supply Store. Is this some hint at future arson you are planning?

  3. Wasn't that what it was called? I might be losing it in my old age.

  4. BTW, how many legs are there on an unoccupide?