Sunday, May 15, 2011

Councilfest 5-16: Design & Budget

Patrons of the late, lamented Arbor Update will remember Juliew's handy City Council agenda summaries, which permitted access to the coming Monday's Council agendas without the need to delve into the City's Legistar portal. May the tradition continue.

City Council - Monday, May 16, 7 pm
Full agenda

  • Public hearing on increase in taximeter rates
  • First reading of ordinance to create a design review board for downtown development
  • Resolution to amend parks funding plans to provide for maintenance from General Fund
  • Resolution to allocate $1.16 million to nonprofits for human services
  • Resolution to amend Neighborhood Stabilization Program budget, including allocation of $33,292 to Avalon Housing for demolition of existing properties for Near North project
  • Resolution to approve fee increases for park facilities
  • Resolution to adopt budget for fiscal year 2012

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