Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mark's Carts Overview

Along with Mr. Connor Barrie, I've spent some time at Mark's Carts over the past week. It's a great addition to the food options, since we don't have a lot of good options. I'm definitely looking forward to trying more of it before I take off for DC for the summer, especially the breakfast options (breakfast burritos at Darcy's Cart? Yes please).

The Lunch Room: The vegan cart, which makes all of the food theoretically suitable for me to eat, as a vegetarian, but I'm always a little suspicious of vegan food. I'm not sure why. But the Asian-inspired items were pretty good, and the summer salad was especially refreshing on a hot 80 degree day.

Darcy's Carts: I love Latin American food, but I won't eat most of it (see above re: vegetarian). I had an amazing $2 black bean taco for lunch (after waiting in a long line to order - usually a good sign). It was a little tough to eat, but really well seasoned and spicy.

Debajo del Sol: Another meat heavy option; I had the patatas bravas (fried potatoes with sauce). The key to patatas bravas is the sauce, and this sauce, while good, didn't blow me away. I was a little surprised that they offer paella, which seems to me like the antithesis of lunch cart offerings, but maybe it's worth it.

Let us know what you've liked at Mark's Carts, too. A few more options are opening up soon, and there will also soon be seating and shade between the carts area and Downtown Home and Garden.


  1. Two of my vegetarian friends have been to The Lunch Room and love the BBQ Tofu sandwich. I haven't been at all yet, but I've got kickstarter rewards for the Lunch Room and Debajo del Sol burning a hole in my… well, inbox I guess.

  2. I've only made it to The Lunch Room so far. It seems like most of the other carts are running out of food before dinner, and I've been in the woods all day for the last few weeks.

  3. I love Darcy's cart! I have the same issue with the Bravas sauce- it tastes, well, off. Too much like peppers and not enough ketchup, maybe? The potatoes are lovely and fried and burn your tongue just like they should. The owner of Debajo del Sol is really receptive to recipe improvement ideas, so be sure to pass along your thoughts to him! I'd love to be able to find some decent Patatas around here.