Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Ode to the Breakfast Burrito

I have a serious, long-standing food love in Ann Arbor. Sure, there are Old Town's sweet potato fries, the chocolate milkshake at Washtenaw Dairy, or the truffle pizza at Jolly Pumpkin. But I must pledge obeisance first and foremost to the Roos breakfast burrito at Taste Our Goods.

Perhaps this is because it's the perfect size and price - $7 for a filling, but not overstuffing, homemade burrito that I can get five days a week just five minutes away from my house. Or perhaps it's because the Taste Our Goods proprietrixes never balk when I request it. Or perhaps it's because it has just the right blend of eggs, sour cream, spinach, cheese, and avocado. I love mushy food, because I am a child, and the Taste Our Goods breakfast burrito is a perfect fix to my craving.

Darcy's Cart, of Mark's Carts, also offers a breakfast burrito, and I went there earlier this week to test it out - and see how it compares to the TOG edition. Their burrito is definitely larger - and an equivalent price - to the Taste Our Goods burrito. They also have multiple options - kimchi, bacon, potato, egg - all can be added or subtracted. So there's definitely more of a range than at my beloved TOG.

But I didn't love the Darcy's burrito as much as the TOG version - maybe because it's newer. The kimchi option is definitely an inspired, unexpected choice. And there's something to be said for making your own version. And yet: Taste Our Goods still has my vote. I hate to call myself a conservative, but there's something to be said for choosing the option you know and love.

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  1. I wasn't aware that Taste Our Goods had a breakfast burrito! I'll have to give that a whirl one of these weekends! You've gotta give the chorizo breakfast burrito at Beezy's a whirl though. Hot. Damn. My current reigning champ.