Friday, May 13, 2011

Suspicious package

ATF agents directing traffic

I saw the AFT agents, US Marshal's and AAPD blocking off Fourth and Liberty in response to a suspicious package while I was riding to work today. It turns out that the package in question was a promotional item for the movie Thor. More importantly, can you find Homeless Dave in the picture above?

Homeless Dave sighting


  1. I bet Ben H misplaced it whilst in the fury of his promotion after Wednesday's viewing. Whodda thunk it would result in this?!

  2. 1) Way back before y'all were born (really), the Dee-troit po-lice blew up a suspicious bag over the Dee-troit River. It turned out to be some unknown lunch. It was leaking

    2) 2006: the Sterling Heights Bomb Squad magically appeared outside my house over on the far west side of A2. They were "just picking something up, ma'am". Yeah, dynamite purchased in the 1970s from Schlenker's hardware and stored in the basement for 30 years or whatever.

    No point to this, just fun stuff :-)

    Lizzy's moom, aka Kayak Woman
    (Sorry, Liz, I'll shaddup now)