Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Was Alison Brie at Whole Foods

It's possible. From Ann Arbor Craigslist Missed Connections:
Alison Brie?!? - m4w - 31 (Whole Foods)

I was your cashier. Still not sure it was you, because I assumed you were taller. Yet even if you were only an "Annie from Community" look-a-like, you were still adorable.

I wanted to say something, but just smiled and enjoyed being in your presence instead. I think I made the right choice.

Now I'm posting a missed connection, which is totally NOT the right choice!!! X{P

What does X{P even mean? Is it some sort of hipster emoticon? On a celebrity spotting note, you should check out the latest Pencil Paparazzi entry on


  1. I really hope X{P is an accurate emoticon demonstrating the author's mustache state.

  2. I saw her too. She was shopping near the deli section and talking with one of the whole foods workers. She is really cute and adorable in person.