Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fracking in Michigan

While I was driving up to U of M's Bio Station yesterday with my lab, we passed a convoy of a dozen or so Superior Well Services trucks transporting heavy equipment north along I-75. Their Pennsylvania plates made me think "fracking" and a glance at their website confirmed my suspicions. I know hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is supposed to be "completely safe" with "no chance of ground water contamination." But if you look at the legacy that Fracking has left in Pennsylvania, it seems like the industry might be painting a rosy picture. It could turn out that fracking is completely safe, but lets do through studies and make sure that this is the case before we risk contaminating Michigan's greatest natural resource.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Ben. I didn't realize Michigan had progressed so far along the fracking route. Time to contact state and federal reps!

    The likelihood that it's even relatively safe is very remote. This here's a link to a site that tells the story from the "con" side. http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/

  2. The Pa plates are only for the reason the corp. office is there so all superior trucks in the us have pa plates just like weatherfords trucks all have tx plates and another thing there is a superior and haliburton camp in kallasla MI. That would explain them being there.. not running from anything. Hydraulic frac has been around for years not anything new. Most marcellus fracs are 8000+ ft so no way for comtamination water table around 200 ft +/-

  3. yes let us get all the facts right before we open another can of worms.lets not try to use our own supplys let us build up some outher nation and get ready to go to war with them to kill some more young joes for 4.00 a gal gas i was there two times what a wast of a young mans/ladys lifes.i am a 100% combat vet with 24 years of active duty.