Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hostel Detroit

Mowtown to Tree Town has a great interview with Hostel Detroit general manager Michel Francois Soucisse. Hostel Detroit is a non-profit hostel in north Corktown that just opened April 15th. From the sound of it, the hostel has hit the ground running and has been completely booked several times. From the interview:
Do you anticipate your guests coming with or without cars? For those not driving: how do you anticipate they will get there, & how will they get around?

Many of our guests so far have been international travelers without automobiles. Once they arrive, a few different options are available to them. There are a few nearby taxi-cab companies and bus routes, but the best way to see Detroit is by bicycle. Our city is enormous, so often walking isn’t feasible. Driving in a car, even as a passeger, often doesn’t give you the chance to appreciate all of the gorgeous details and textures Detroit has to offer, so to that end we have on-site bike rentals. They’ve been incredibly popular.

Sounds pretty cool. Getting more and diverse tourists into Detroit seems like a great way to stimulate businesses and improve the city's image. On a related note, for those of you interested in things like urban development in Ann Arbor and Detroit, I highly recommend reading Motown to Tree Town. It's a great blog.

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