Thursday, June 23, 2011

An open letter to City Council candidates

Dear City Council candidates,

With the primary election on the 2nd of August, this must be an exciting time of year for you. I realize you are probably spending a great deal of time talking to people, going door to door, and getting ready for next month's debate. I've noticed that some of you (you know who you are!) have neglected to make campaign websites. I know that you probably have a lot on your plate, but making a website is probably good idea if you actually want to win an election. This is especially true for those of you who are challenging incumbents. So how about taking a couple of hours and hammering out a site? I know there are websites out there that are interested in linking to you.


Ben Connor Barrie


  1. A capital idea, Ben! And candidates, if you read this and need any help with the many little choices and details of putting up a site, I hereby offer up my services. (Making websites is my day job). At minimum, a Wordpress blog, a Facebook page, and a Paypal account would probably do the trick and require minimal technical skills.

  2. Here's a list

    A possible substitute for a candidate's own web site is an independently developed page on Arborwiki. (Just hope that the campaign knows how to edit a wiki.)

  3. It's almost like the candidates don't want to get elected...

    @Ed, I've found the help files pretty good guides for editing Arborwiki.

  4. Any viable candidate these days needs to blog or post [carefully] on Twitter and/or facebook. A static website is fine but most prospective voters will not bother to proactively check a candidate's website every day.