Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Patio drinking in Ann Arbor

A Damn Arbor reader writes:
Where are the best places for outdoor patio drinking in town? I'm organizing an environmental non-profit booze fest for July. Any tips?

Environmental drinking? Speak no more! Dominick's has a great back patio and can be pretty reasonable regarding large group reservations. Corner Brewery has a great beer garden too. I think a lot depends on the size of your group. Gentle readers, do you have favorite places for outdoor drinking in Ann Arbor?

Photo via Phil Dokas


  1. Dominicks definitely wins for best outdoor drinking. Aut Bar has some great outdoor seating in braun court (and a perfect people-watching spot for Kerrytown), but it'd be better for smaller groups.

  2. Jolly Pumpkin has a nice semi-secret patio.

  3. Gotta love the Dominicks

  4. Already Tweeted at you - but I'm in love with Jolly Pumpkin's rooftop patio.