Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Say Yes To The Dress(es)

Calling all brides and their ladies-in-waiting: The Gown Shop on Main Street, Ann Arbor's answer to the high demand for fancy-pants wedding dresses, is hosting several trunk shows over the next few weeks. The next one, Modern Trousseau, begins on Friday, and promises both bridal gowns and dresses for their mothers. Which, you know, implies plenty of inter-generational fun! (read: ripe for mother-daughter angst.)

Because I am not a bride, and because I am afraid of pulling a Bridesmaids and pooping in a couture gown that is not mine, I have not yet forayed into The Gown Shop's territory. But I have thought about it, many, many times, especially when I am kind of drunk and eating frozen yogurt late at night.

And so I would encourage you ladies to make an appointment with your girlfriends - whether you're engaged, married, divorced, single, whatever - and try on some gorgeous dresses and get tipsy on champagne for the hell of it. So that I may live vicariously through you.

You'll want to note that shopping at The Gown Shop requires making an appointment in advance, which I gather is kind of the norm for this sort of thing.

Here is a dress in the window that I'm kind of in love with, even though it's strapless, and thanks to Duchess Kate strapless dresses are SO OVER:

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