Monday, June 20, 2011

V2V: Not Impossible For Grad Students To Shop In

I kept seeing well-heeled ladies schlepping green V2V bags around town, so I decided to head over to the shop in Kerrytown Market to see what all the fuss was about.

V2V is very pleasant, visually speaking: high ceilings, big windows, kind of like a more homespun Anthropologie. And the first item I stumbled upon in the store was pretty and simple - a perfectly fine summer tank top. But when I looked at the price tag, I blanched. Two hundred bucks? No, thank you. Unless it's edible and fuels my car's engine, too.

I almost walked out right then - fatigued, as I am, by the glut of charming, overpriced boutiques in town. But after touring half the store that seemed to only confirm my destitution, I discovered that the other half is much more affordable. Fifty dollar dresses, sale racks - a grad student's jackpot!

A lot of the stuff was still pretty pricey. (I don't care how cute you are, sweater: I am not paying one hundred and fifty dollars for you.) And some of the too-short dresses looked absurd on this reporter's long legs. Still, I walked out of the store with a sweet summer cardigan in tow and supported a small local business. And now I can schlep around with one of their trendy green bags, too.


  1. i didn't even know this place existed! i'm going to check it out soon.

  2. I got my dress for middle school graduation there (I'm now a senior in college) and they still remember me from that! Though I can't always afford V2V, I really love going there and they usually have a good Art Fair sale.