Monday, July 18, 2011

24 Hours in A2

I managed to schedule a trip back to Michigan for a long weekend (thanks to the government's flexible time schedule option) and even made it down to my beloved A2 for a quick overnight trip. Having had some time to prepare, I did manage to hit almost all of the spots on my list:

- Walking with a milkshake through the Old West Side
- A trip to Taste Our Goods (though sadly without a chance for food) and a Mexican Coke from Sparrow
- A Dirty Sheed from Zingerman's
- Oberon (on tap!) from Old Town
- Brunch at Frita Batidos
- OJ from the Coop
- Dinner from Darcy's Cart
- And of course, multiple Comet Coffees

As you can see, I'm big on food consumption.

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