Friday, July 29, 2011

Late night at Mark's Carts

After a round of darts at 8 Ball last Saturday, some friends and I were in need of a late night snack. Fortunately, Mark's Carts were open. I had previously had some excellent vegan food at The Lunch Room and was excited to get a chance to check out the some of the other carts. My friends were amenable to my suggestion so we walked the half block from 8 Ball to Mark's Carts.

We got to the carts around 10:30 and found a half dozen or so people eating food from the two carts that were open. We ordered some delicious carnitas tacos at Darcy's Cart and some steamed pork belly buns from San Street. All in all, it was a pretty awesome end to the evening. Unfortunately, it looks like the carts may have only been open late last Saturday because of Art Fair. I'm hoping that it'll be economically viable for a few carts to have late night hours on the weekends.

The Mark's Carts Overview
Mark's Carts: The Lunch Room

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