Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nacho Frenzy

Yesterday I tumbld across a Nacho Frenzy. The blog, as far as I can tell, is dedicated to "scientific" appraisal of Ann Arbor's nacho scene, or lack thereof. So far there is only one post. In Ghosts of Nachos Past, the anonymous author rates the nachos from two Ann Arbor institutions, Dominick's and the Old Town:
I’ve probably ordered nachos at a good six or seven places in and around Ann Arbor in the last year or so. I want to be clear that I’m not reviewing restaurants, just nachos. I will revisit a number of this restaurants to give a more accurate review of their nacho plates when I get a chance, but there are two I just can’t bring myself to go back to and order again.

Really bad chips, very so-so toppings, bleh cheese. I’ve had their nachos twice (I forgot how shitty they were the first time) and regretted it both times. They have other excellent food and drinks, and are an Ann Arbor institution - just don’t get the nachos.

Old Town
These looked very promising when brought to me, but alas, the chips could not hold up for the few minutes it took me to get started on the pile. Good toppings etc, but the chips make the nachos, and their chips are just not good. Again, great place, awesome atmosphere, just don’t get the nachos.

Wow, Nacho Frenzy cuts to the quick. As an avid nacho enthusiast, I can't wait to see where this blog goes. Nacho Frenzy just might be my favorite new blog at this exact moment in time. Looks like A2GastroBoy might have some fierce competition in Ann Arbor's anonymous food review scene.


  1. Whole-hearted agreement on Old Town. Love the place, but definitely go there after eating.

    I think my current favorites in town are ABC's new loaded nachos. Pulled chicken, corn, salsa verde, jalapeƱos, and local cheese = delightful. I'm partial to them in general, but those nachos are as the French say, "the bomb".

  2. Wow - talk about niche topics, cool - though, could someone introduce Mr. Nacho Frenzy to an adjetive: "Really bad chips, very so-so toppings, bleh cheese"

    PS: In the spirit of niche topics, could someone start a blog on drink garnishes accross Ann Arbor bars?

    Regards and good digesting,

  3. Geez, I hope this doesn't end like all critical feuds, in gunplay.

    I'd like Mr. NF to define what makes good nachos before he goes tearing apart the weaker strains. Is it about real cheese vs. Velveeta? Yellow corn vs. White? Organic Jalapeno vs. inorganic? Freshness of ingredients? I want to know who has good nachos, not who has a bad variety. Rather, what should be sought, not what should be avoided.

  4. @GastroBoy,

    I had a great lemon peel in garnish in my sazerac at Alley Bar last night.

  5. Best Nachos in Ann Arbor are definitely at The Red Hawk on State St next to Amers Deli. Huge portion and everything is made from scratch. Delicious!

  6. My children would agree on the Red Hawk nachos. However, though good chips are always key, sometimes you want really crappy Velveeta and Ro*Tel on your nachos. Or is that just me?

  7. Another A2 nacho blog can be found here http://a2nachos.tumblr.com/. Oddly, we haven't taken our nacho tour to either Dominick's or Old Town.

  8. Thanks for the link @Rifferaff. A2 Nacho Tour is awesome!

  9. May I just add that Denny's yesty nachos are amazing?

    I know that's not "Ann Arbor"y, but good is good!