Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot new look for summer: busking with bagpipes

Did you hear the bagpipes on campus last night? It was Fonzie MacDonald. Not only does he have an awesome name, but this kid is pretty sharp. You know how I know? He was wearing ear plugs. Fonzie's no fool. He ain't gonna suffer hearing loss. Also, he isn't half bad at the pipes.


  1. From @damnarbor's twitter:

    @localinannarbor I love, love the idea of busking bagpipers. But surley it's too hot?

    @juliewbee Pipers busk all the time. Problem is, not all are good. Pipes love this weather, pipers not so much.

    @juliewbee Also, you get lots better money if you are wearing a kilt, but yards of wool aren't good for summer!

  2. Hello! Any chance I could get the original picture?

    1. Fonzie,

      I am looking to hire a bagpiper for my wife's 50th birthday. Are you interested?

      Please email me at ericjengel@gmail.com