Monday, August 29, 2011

One man's multi-modal transit hub is another man's parking structure

Urban planning student and Damn Arbor contributor Joel Batterman has an informative opinion piece about the Fuller Road Station over on the Com. From the article:
More than two dozen U-M faculty, including a past dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, have petitioned President Coleman to consider this course of action. Four decks of concrete for cars doesn’t advance U-M’s sustainability mission, and the cost of the project works out to about $44,000 per parking space, roughly four years’ undergraduate tuition. With the same total sum, U-M could boost bus service, provide local funds for a train station, and retain more to spend on things like financial aid.
A strategy of perpetual parking expansion may have made sense in the Interstate era. It doesn’t make sense today, from the perspective of economics or ecology. By choosing cheaper, less polluting, and more effective alternatives, U-M has a chance to demonstrate the “Michigan Difference” and renew its commitment to be “leaders and best.”

It's really great to hear an urban planning take on some of our local issues.


  1. And did you see he has a secret admirer in the comments section? LOL

  2. @Andy I hadn't seen that. It's pretty funny.

  3. He made some good points on the sustainability model per se. This has a reprisal on a moral basis.