Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Upstairs at R. Hirt Jr. Co.

As one of the stores framing Detroit's Eastern Market, R. Hirt Jr. Co. is teeming with customers on Saturday mornings. Run-off from the farmer's market, perhaps weary of all the vegetables outside, these shoppers wiggle around the main floor, gape at the high prices on the Haribo candy, only to, inevitably, puddle around the cheese counter by the door, where the staff will slice samples as the clientele pretends to be torn between two kinds they'd never, before the French twisted around the salesgirl's tongue, heard of before.

Look what they're missing upstairs.

That's right: musical theater space robots.

And a slap in the face with one righteous kitchen Mitten, compliments of this guy.

There are also out-of-season holiday decorations (pictured), colorful tubes that make that whiny noise when you flip them over (purple makes the best sound, according to a local) and those wooden cups where you try to catch the attached ball by swinging it around.


  1. The face of a oven criminal.

  2. Why wasn't "musical theatre space robots" ever a theme for a Frelon performance?

    Also, $350 seems a bit steep for a single space robot (even considering how quickly they picked up the choreography).