Friday, September 9, 2011

The Night Game

I have been in this city a long time and it is rare to see Ann Arbor preparing for a game as early in the week as this coming Notre Dame game, the first night game in Michigan Stadium history. If you walked by Rackham you may have noticed the ESPN Gameday setup or passed bars with instant classic ND v Mich games playing. While ND was picked to be a contender this year, before a massive flop at home, Michigan is a relative unknown leaning towards mediocre according to the "experts." Tradition holds a great deal of sway in the sport and these two storied college football programs playing their first night game in history generated enough buzz to get the national media out here to set up camp. This game is always big, but being the first night game here has made it even bigger. I don't know what it is about starting at dusk, but it just gets everyone more excited. I hope it's not just because of the extra four hours people had to consume booze. That would end poorly for everyone.

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  1. The Daily has an interesting piece on the drinking aspect of the game with a nice graphic that shows the peak in hospitalizations for alcohol poisoning during September and October.