Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coffee Excursions

Flag: Astro Coffee; Garage Doors; Commonwealth

Despite my near-constant shilling for Comet Coffee, I do occasionally drink coffee at other establishments. Even in Ann Arbor! I'd recommend the colada at Frita Batidos or Zingerman's Dirty Sheed, for example.

Outside of A2, there are a couple of new(ish) coffee places well worth your time. In Birmingham, not too far from where my parents live, Commonwealth has completely transformed the social environment. It's a place to seen and be seen for the creative, hipster, and leisure classes, complete with garage doors transforming the interior space into a sort of conservatory. The food's great, too. Every time I'm in Oakland County, I make sure to stop by.

Astro Coffee, located just down the the block from Slows BBQ in Corktown, opened over the summer to a great deal of press. Two of my friends from Comet now work there, and I stopped in a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful space with lots of exposed brick, a giant chalkboard for a menu, and a communal table in the back. They've been doing a brisk business and apparently there are already regulars. I'll be working in Detroit one day a week during the fall, and am definitely looking forward to grabbing a drink on the way in from A2.

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  1. Thanks for the tip - just went to Commonwealth...and in spite of the near suffocating air of hipster elitism, the coffee was remarkable. My friends mocha was worthy of an oscar for rest performance by a ca-coa bean.