Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game Time

I am a terrible, terrible Michigander. Of my 27 years on the earth, 21 of them have been spent living in Southeast Michigan. The last three of which have been spent in Ann Arbor. I will graduate with two degrees from U of M. But until yesterday, I had never been to a UM football game.

There really is no excuse. I enjoy live sports. I've watched UM games on TV before. I have the appropriate clothes. But it always seemed like too much of a pain to get my act together to buy a ticket off of another student, go to a tailgate, find someone to go with, spend three hours at the game, etc. But since this is almost certainly my last year living in A2, it seemed like now or never.

After building it up for so long, I thought that going to yesterday's game against EMU might end up being an anticlimax. Not so. Between the weirdly cult like chants and gestures, the great weather, and the fact that we both won handily but played erratically (defense... sigh), it was actually about as thrilling as one could expect. I'll leave the expert analysis to my co-writer Josh Stoolman, but it's certainly not hard to see what the fuss is all about.


  1. G$, I find it encouraging that you enjoyed yourself. BCB keeps telling other people we're going to a game this season.

    We'll see.

  2. You definitely should go! Liz and I went together and it was great especially since she knows a ton about the team obviously. My ticket was $25 but I could have gotten one for even cheaper.

  3. My ticket was free because it was a media pass and I got to go down on the field.

    Wandering to the stadium:

    During the Game:

    After the game:

  4. @Mikoyan, I was wondering how you got such good shots. I just thought you had a really really really good lens.

  5. You can get decent shots from the stands but it seems to get the really good shots, you need to be on the field.