Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Damn Arbor too edgy for you?

Do you enjoy reading about goings on in Ann Arbor but dislike the sometimes-cynical, often-edgy tone of Damn Arbor? Well fear not citizen, according to a site called Ann Arbor's News there is a new blog in town. Dagnabbit Arbor, a blog that says "eww to edgieness." From the article:
Unlike the co-authors of the similarly-named Damn Arbor, who insist they “are to be feared,” Dagnabbit writer Ted Knab says he doesn’t want to scare anybody. “The name basically says that it will be like Damn Arbor, sort of, but without that hard edge and all the ferociousness, you know.” Knab said when he logs on to Damn Arbor, he feels “a little overwhelmed, like as if they are being like all fiery, and they even have a picture of flames right there at the top, so that makes me feel pretty overwhelmed and stuff.”

Sounds like a good read.


  1. Gotta start "Gosh-Darn-It" Ann Arbor. A 100% whipped, nonpartisan and thought free blog!

    Keep it up DA! Ann Arbor needs it's edge.

  2. Dagnabbit Arbor: Soft rock, and non of that RAP.

  3. Then there is that blog that takes pictures of ships and stuff and occasionally talks about Ann Arbor....and takes pictures of it...