Thursday, October 6, 2011

36 Hours in A2

The New York Times has turned their eyes to our fair city in the latest installment of their "36 Hours" series. Receiving the Grey Lady's imprimatur are a few of our favorites:

• the "elegant and glass-covered atrium" of the Nickels Arcade

• the "intimate" Comet Coffee (adopted home of GH)

• Van Boven, which apparently caters to "well-dressed fraternity boys"

• Moe's Sport Shop, for game prep

• The Diag, a leafy oasis

• The "architecturally stunning" Law Quad, aka Hogwarts

• Dominick's, but for the sangria rather than the food

• Mark's Carts and the Friday night bands

• UMS and the Ark, for saving culture

• Angelo's for brunch, and the Farmer's Market for exercise

• Zingerman's, of course

• Monahan's for po' boys and chowder

• The Big House

• Palio for post-game drinks

• Pacific Rim, Frita Batidos, or Logan for dinner

• The Cavern Club for live shows

• The Michigan Theater, and the State's midnight shows

• The Arb (adopted home of BCB)

• Cafe Zola's enormous brunch

• UMMA and the Kelsey Museum for classy art

• The Bell Tower and the Inn at the League, for accommodation

I have to say that the Times got it mostly right - I'd quibble with a couple choices (Palio?) and they left out a few things, including my favorite "secret" bar. Readers, what do you think of the NYT's assessment of our town?


  1. I like that the NYT knows what the Arb's hours are.

  2. Their description of Van Boven is laughable. As is the idea that someone from the Times was in Dominick's (besides Jontoine, y'know ).

    Also: Afternoon Delight's froyo alone is something to write home about. And maybe some Hollander's up in there, with a side of Everyday Wines. Overall, I'm pretty impressed though, and proud that two of my former places of employment made the list.

  3. Pacific Rim looks pretty empty ...