Monday, October 3, 2011

Anti-abortion rights rally on the Diag

If you haven't been on the Diag today, you may not have noticed the gigantic display put on by an anti-abortion rights organization. You can't tell from my mercifully low-resolution photo, but the display boards are pretty graphic. Some of the undergrads I follow on the tumblr are pretty upset by the display. Some of those links are gory so follow at your own risk.


  1. I wonder if these same folks would post pictures of war victims with the same outrage they show here.

  2. Students for Choice had a table near Angell Hall where they were passing out information from Planned Parenthood. They deliberately didn't plan a loud counter-protest because they wanted to be the calm & rational/logic-based response to the anti-choice posters. Word on the street is that they had a lot of Planned Parenthood petitions signed, in part because people were so disgusted by the anti-choicers display and tactics.

  3. I saw the pictures and was absolutely sickened by their ignorance.

    The logic of : "something looks grotesque therefore it is is very immoral" is very idiotic. Yes, an aborted fetus looks unpleasant. So does a cough of mucous during a cold, so does a vomit during a flue, so do plethora of things.

    I;m sorry but I missed where ugliness=immorality was set as the ruling factor? When did this happen? The appearance of something has NOTHING to do with what someone should think of its morality. NOTHING.

    I saw this protest yesterday and was disgusted. Not because it was "gross" or "immoral" but because it was unnecessary and illogical. Is something moral only when it's a "beautiful baby?" I can't get over this. This protest was so ridiculous. How are the people from the Holocaust who were TORTURED and SLOWLY killed in anyway similar to an embryo who is aborted during the preliminary stages of development. I am a PhD student in the Biological Sciences and this comparison is absolutely ridiculous.

    Graphic photos and loud, raucous speakers do not make a logical protest.

  4. If they had images of executed Death Row inmates, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If they had images of animals being slaughtered, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If they had pictures of collateral war damage, I wouldn't have a problem with it. And I'm not bothered by them showing pictures of aborted human fetuses. I'm in favor of people being more aware, not less, and I don't let my political beliefs get in the way of that.