Thursday, October 20, 2011

Edgefest, A.V. Club style

Edgefest is happening through the 22nd at the Kerrytown Concert House. If you're like me you are surprised to find out that a something as XXX-treme sounding as "Edgefest" is not in fact a hardcore show, but rater a celebration of jazz' classical roots. Also, you may have overlooked A.V. Club Ann Arbor's often hilarious preview of the concert series. An excerpt:
Act: Rova Saxophone Quartet
Who it is:
Legendary San Fran reed riders who broke onto the scene the same time as the Sex Pistols and never stopped blowing smoke, fire, and ashes from brass.
Sounds like: Something people who dislike saxophones will hate.
For fans of: Panic attacks, multi-tasking, North American birds of prey.
Annoyance level for unsuspecting friend/significant other who accompanies you: A lot less obnoxious than how important and amazing you will repeatedly insist they are (even though you are 100 percent correct).

Sounds like an interesting concert. While I dislike panic attacks, I do love North American birds of prey.

The Rova Saxophone Quartet plays this Saturday.

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  1. I've lived in A2 just about a year now, and this is my first Edgefest- today seems to be the marathon day- there was a parade at the Farmer's Market this morning, and concerts are going through 10pm tonight! And yes, the "north american birds of prey" was the best line! :)