Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking for a Hipster

Via Ann Arbor Craigslist:
Looking for a Hipster - 21 (A2)

I have a thing for hipsters and/or scene guys :]

I'm really into music, and you should be too. I love art, coffee shops, dancing at Necto on a Friday night. I have two tattoos. I'm 5'4, white, curvy with long curly hair and wear glasses unironically.

I like guys who are at least as smart as me. Otherwise our conversation will be boring and it just won't be a fun time. Bonus points if you're a musician or a tattoo artist :D

Put your favourite book in the subject line.

There is just so much to say here. I hope this is ironic. I hope this is not ironic. Ladies, watch out, there is a Canadian and/or British woman trying to steal your hipster/scenester/musician-tattoo artist boyfriend.

PSA: Don't date hipsters

1 comment:

  1. I wish we could offer up Mr. Houston as bait to see if this is real or not...