Monday, October 24, 2011

Overdue link updates

I've been meaning to update our links for a few months now. I've been reading these sites for a few months now and would like to share them with you, gentle reader. Without further ado, here are the new additions:
Ann Arbor Chronicle - I just notice today that under the Chronicle's banner, it says "it's like being there." If by "there" they mean a city council meeting, they are entirely correct. That being said, the Chronicle's extensive coverage of local politics is often less painful than actually watching the meetings that they report on. Mary Morgan and Homeless Dave along with their ragtag band of contributors provide an invaluable service to the community through their hyperlocal journalism. Though their articles are generally on the dry side of objective, the @a2chronicle twitter feed adds some humorous insights to their articles.

Local in Ann Arbor - At times, it has been surprisingly difficult for me to get up to speed with political and development issues in Ann Arbor. Local in Ann Arbor offers thoroughly cited analysis of local issues. There is enough information in Local in Ann Arbor's articles that you can understand the issues and reach your own conclusions. Data is wonderful.

Mark Maynard - Mark, can we put aside our differences? I know DA won best blog on the Current this year, but there are bigger fish to fry. Let's work together to take on best local website winner, Dynamic Lawn Care Co. has great coverage of local progressive goings-on and Ypsi-centric stories. I really enjoyed Mark's idea for a drink called a "jive turkey."

Michigan Exposures - Run by an Ypsilanti resident from Bay City, Michigan Exposures has great pictures of our great state. It's got everything: eagles, architecture, ships, nature, football and more. Looking at Michigan Exposures' photo essays, you feel a real sense of pride in Michigan.

Meg.Goes.Nom.Nom - Ann Arbor's blogosphere is filled with food blogs. Meg stands out not only for the depth and variety of her articles, but also because of the frequency with which she posts. Meg.Goes.Nom.Nom. has lots of great recipes and reviews of local food.

Vacuum - Ed Vielmetti is the real OG of the Ann Arbor blogosphere. He has insightful posts, and great maps. The topics are broad, from storms to house fires to neighborhood meetings. Vacuum is always worth a read.

Motown to Tree Town - Semi-anonymous commentary and opining on political and development issues from the Motor City to Ann Arbor. MT2TT (M2TT?) is a good source of news from Detroit and the surrounding area.

A2GastroBoy - Anonymous and snarky. A2GastroBoy clearly loves dining and does not hold back his opinion.

Well there you have it. New additions to the blog roll. Gentle reader, do you think we are missing any local websites? What are your favorite local blogs?


  1. Thanks for the shout out, and for compiling this interesting list!

  2. Thank you for the shout out. I enjoy reading your blog too.