Monday, November 21, 2011

Entrepreneurism in Ann Arbor

U of M grad and venture capitalist Jason Mendelson had this to say about his recent visit to the city:
I’ve always thought that Ann Arbor has all of the raw materials to become a hot bed for startup activity. The University of Michigan is a great anchor tenant university, there are excellent students, professors and researchers and it’s a place where people want to live. To date, I have been unpleasantly surprised with the general process, outside of some notable wins in the biotech and medical industry. But that all might be changing.

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H/T @dugsong


  1. I'm in the law school's new Entrepreneurship Clinic next term, so we'll see what the next steps the school plans to take are...

  2. @G$, will they teach you to turn this blog into a cash cow?

  3. I hope so! I could use some money so I can live up to my nickname.