Saturday, November 5, 2011

A guide to burritos

The Food and Wine Hedonist is a local food blogger. For one of their projects, they are attempting to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate burritos. That's right, all burritos. Pretty dangerous water if you ask me; emotions tend to run high around burritos. Gentle readers, do you agree with the Headonist that BTB has the best burritos in the area?

Image via The Food and Wine Hedonist

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the shout-out and for unintentionally reminding me that I should have a link to the introduction to the guide (it's there now). Through the years, I've found that Burritos are like sports in that they can be a source for endless debate. But sports has records and stats, burritos don't. The guide may cause more debates than it'll resolve, but hey it's beats debating UM v MSU. At least for me, since I went to Illinois.

    I still stand behind my rating of BTB being best amongst locals. Although I'm open to hearing differing opinions! Thanks again...