Thursday, November 17, 2011

Place that photo: Okay, I get it. I missed your birthday.

As was reported last week, Pangea Piercing was tagged with the above quote, covering their mural on the side of the building. Pangea wasn't the only place to get hit with this V for Vendetta quote. My guess would be that there may be at least one other one lurking around town.

Gentle readers, have any of you come across another one of these tags around town? And more importantly, do you know where this one is? If you do, or even if you think you do, or you think you had a dream about this, please post it down below in the comments. Whoever locates this thang first will be damned on our Twitter account, so please leave your Twitter handle along with your guess. Otherwise, we'll just damn your damn name.


  1. Dude. 301 E. Liberty building.


  2. There's one on the bridge that crosses Washington near the YMCA.

  3. Also, it's not originally from V for Vendetta: