Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CCRB Missed Connection

Great Misssed Connection from the CCRB, and surprisingly not from the men's sauna:
Short Woman with Michigan State Tee at the CCRB This Morning - m4w - 20 (CCRB, Treadmills)

Hi Cute Short Woman with the Michigan State Tee Running on the treadmill closest to the room divider this morning at the CCRB,

a) Sorry for staring, but you were right in front of me. The machines are at awkward angles and that was the only elliptical with an adjustable angle open.

b) You have good form in your legs. It looks like you're midfoot striking, which is good. But, you have horrible upper body form. Relax your arms and keep them next to you. NEVER HOLD ON TO THE TREADMILL (for a million reasons, just google it). It you feel the need to hold on, just slow it down a bit.

c) Go blue.

-Weirdo Runner with a bad knee

More like Weirdo Runner with a bad pickup line, eh?


  1. to be fair, though, whenever i see people running and holding on to the treadmill, i want to yell "NEVER HOLD ON TO THE TREADMILL" also..