Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guide to Taco Tuesday at Sabor Latino

Sabor Latino's Taco Tuesday is awesome, and not just because of alliteration. For just one dollar you can get a hard or soft shelled taco with one of eight differ fillings. However, with so many different options, Taco Tuesday can be daunting for a beginner. Fear not gentle reader, with this handy guide, you too can enjoy your very own Taco Tuesday at Sabor Latino.
1. Arrive by 5:55 pm. This way you can make sure you get a seat before things get too busy and get a happy hour margarita ($3) before happy hour ends at 6. The margaritas as a bit on the sweet side, but the make up for that fact by having lots of alcohol. Seriously, these things come as a viscous liquid that is well below 0 C. If you can manage do drink one with your straw, you may very well see frost forming on it. Ice cold.

2. Plan your order. Hard tacos come with filling, beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato and sour cream. They are much more substantial than the soft tacos, which come with filling, cilantro, onion and a lime slice. Two pro tips: the sour cream can be pretty heavy on the hard tacos, so I usually order my tacos without. Though my taco crew heavily favors hard over soft tacos, most of us order a single soft taco. Why? That way we have the lime slice to squeezer on the other tacos. In terms of taco filling, I really like pastor and carnitas. I hear the vegetarian roasted vegetables are a good filling too.

3. Order your tacos. When your server asks what you want, your mind will go black. Just shoot from the hip, or order two of everything if you are really hungry. Make sure you ask them to bring out the special hot sauces with the tacos. This is key. You will probably also want a few extra napkins for step 4.

Why did I think I could eat eight tacos?

4. Eat your tacos. This is going to get messy. If you have the skill, eat each taco directly above the taco you plan on eating last. This way all the filler that falls from them will land neatly in the last taco creating the mega-taco. Also, use all the hot sauces if that's your thing. If you become parched, order a Tecate ($2.50 on Taco Tuesday).

5. Tip! You just got a margarita, eight tacos and a Tecate for $13.50 plus tax. Your server was also awesome and brought you the extra hot sauces more napkins without you asking. They work hard on Taco Tuesday, tip on the pre-discounted taco price.

There you have it gentle reader. With this guide, I hope you feel better equipped to enjoy this and every Taco Tuesday at Sabor Latino. For you Taco Tuesday veterans who may be reading this article, do you have your own tips and tricks for Taco Tuesday?


  1. I was there just last week. The fish tacos are amazing! The staff work extra hard on Taco Tues. so plz tip based on real price.

  2. BCB, your former 9th grade science teacher thanks you for rescuing me and the family from the Tuesday night doldrums. And we can walk there - fresh air AND tacos!