Thursday, December 8, 2011

New downtown market, Babo, now open

Babo is open! The market on the first floor of 411 Lofts is run by Sava from Sava's. I stopped by last night to check things out. The market is really nice: great lighting, attractive displays, delicious looking food.

Babo offers a nice range of produce, high quality meat and cheese, a nice range of basic ingredients, and macarons from the Love Confection. I thought some of the prices were a bit high for some items. Then again, I think there is something to be said for the convenience of being able to buy groceries without having to travel so far.

All things considered, I think Babo is a great addition to downtown Ann Arbor. For more pictures from the opening, check out this Facebook album from the Lunch Room.


  1. I am going to check it out! My only issue has been that, at least at one point, they billed themselves as the "only" grocery store downtown. The food co-op is there, amigos! Also, there is the Sparrow Market, which I think is cool. I love love love co-op and hope all of these businesses can thrive!
    (Yes, I would MARRY the co-op if I could! Think of the awesome food we'd have at our reception)

  2. I had a subpar macchiato today at babo. It seems more like a deli than a grocery store...