Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Michigan more business friendly

“So far we’ve rescinded nearly 400 obsolete, confusing and burdensome regulations.” -Rick Snyder, 2012 State of the State Address
Michigan Radio's Environment Report had an interesting piece yesterday about RySny's push to overhaul the State's regulatory framework and potential implications for environmental laws. Broadly speaking, I am a fan of environmental regulations. As a society, I believe we benefit greatly from lives that are more free of toxins. Here's my idea for making Michigan more business friendly: let's overhaul (or get rid of) the State's burdensome alcohol distribution laws. As we saw in Alan Torres' awesome documentary Beer People, many of Michigan's microbreweries believe our current alcohol distribution laws hurt their ability to do business. So Rick, if you are reading this, how about fixing our distribution laws, before gutting environmental regulations?


  1. Excellent idea, Ben. But I think you'll find the Gov is only in favour of rescinding 'obsolete, confusing and burdensome regulations' when it's a priority of big business & other Republican interest groups. MI Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association has state elected officials on lock: