Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where's the love XKCD?

Here is today's XKCD comic:

Here is the comic's rollover text:
Suckville is considered by the Census Bureau to be part of the Detroit metropolitan statistical area, despite not being located anywhere near Detroit.
Common Randall, I can think of so many places that are more sucky than Detroit: Ohio, Indiana, the greater Los Angeles area, and most places in Oakland County.


Ruin porn: Dismantling Detroit


  1. I guess when you can't think of anything good, you can always take a stab at Detroit for an easy laugh.

    In the immortal words of King Coleman...."F... you, XKCD"

  2. Luckily, XKCD is a terrible web comic.

  3. You people need a sense of humor. XKCD was not meant for mindless dones, but those of us who can actually think for ourselves.

  4. What is a mindless done anyway? I guess spelling correctly must be an indication of one.

    So yeah, that's really sophisticated humor there...making fun of Detroit. Maybe for their next joke they can tell the one about King Kong's balls or something. Although, that one is funnier in the original Latin.

  5. Actually, if you search the fact finder at for POPULATION of SUCKVILLE, it is in Wisconsin, with a population of 4,451. Saukville is in the Milwaukee MSA, not Detroit.