Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A2GastroBoy on Detroit

Sometimes snarky, anonymous food blogger A2GastroBoy had an interesting post about a recent weekend in Detroit. Like so many Michiganders, GastroBoy's grandparents lived in the city, but his parents relocated to Oakland County. From the article:
"Detroit's really making a come back...There's some great should visit." Bullshit. I hated Detroit. It wasn't worth a visit. You needed a secret decoder ring to find the "great spots." I lived 30 minutes away and would sooner drive to Chicago than plan a night in Detroit. Yes, I made the occasional pilgrimage east, but it was always with a specific destination in mind and always a chore.


Luckily I have some pretty wonderful friends and they've been steadily feeding me insights about the modern day city of Detroit. One of these friends has even made a habit out of staying the Detroit! How novel. So in what felt like an extravagant move we decided to get a room at the Book Cadillac Westin and turn our trip to Wicked into a weekend getaway.


That's what I have to say about our weekend in Detroit. We spent nearly two days living as god intended - fat and happy. It was not, as I'm accustomed, a one-stop park-and-leave driving trip. It was a "leave the keys in the room, hit the streets and roam" type of weekend. We encountered other people, at times crowds, and not just bums or bar folk.

Read the full article for GastroBoy's reviews hotels and eateries in Detroit.

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