Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cursive/Tim Kasher taking requests for upcoming Blind Pig show

According to Twitter, that is. But you might have to follow up in a few weeks:

The show's at the Blind Pig on March 27; cover is $15. Cursive totally blows me away every time, I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing them here in SF at the end of February! The openers (Cymbals Eat Guitars, Conduit) rock pretty hard, too.

Sink to the Beat is a great choice. Someone request that one song where they talk about being stranded in Ann Arbor!

Actually, my favorite Cursive song to see live is Sierra — the quality isn't great, but I was there for this performance and it's one I've never forgotten:

Anyway, how stoked are you guys on the new Cursive album coming out?


  1. I would give just about anything to hear something off storms of early summer (I don't know why they shun this album - it totally holds up) "Northern Winds" would be amazing - especially with their current drummer and Teds fierce shredding!

    1. Yeah, good point, I love that album! Last night in SF they played a pretty good mix. I got excited because for some reason I remembered this comment mentioning "Sink to the Beat," which they killed. The show was great, mostly Ugly Organ, which is ok with me. I think that stuff plays the best to a crowd (although I'd love to see them do older albums). The new stuff sounds pretty good! Have fun at the show in A2, if you're going. Try Tweeting "Northern Winds" at Tim Kasher and report back if it works!