Monday, February 20, 2012

FAWN signing to Quite Scientific Records

I'm not sure when, exactly, I first heard a song by Ferndale's FAWN. I think maybe it was one of those Suburban Sprawl holiday compilations a few years ago. They're joyous, and speed up and yell a little in a way that hits that joyous yelling and speeding sweet spot just right.

Needless to say, whenever I'm reminded of them I spend a few minutes listening to the two songs I have in iTunes and anxiously wondering when they're going to put out an album. Then I usually go and listen to Javelins for a while. So I was stoked to hear on Mostly Midwest that they're joining Quite Scientific Records!

No shows are listed right now, but if you "like" FAWN on Facebook I'm sure something will pop up soon. In the meantime, watch this great live video Mostly Midwest posted from Mittenfest, and then anxiously await with me:

FAWN, at Mittenfest from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.

[Thanks, Mostly Midwest!]

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