Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missed Connection: Hey, Ann Arbor taggers!

The great tagging crisis continues. Via Missed Connections:
Hey, Ann Arbor taggers!

Date: 2012-02-03, 5:09PM EST

There's a difference between graffiti and art - if you're going to spend the time and take the risk, how about giving us something cool to look at? I'm talking to you "Mekan Mekan Mekan" (BORING!!) and "Gexir" (YAWN). Brush up on those spray paint skillz and say something with it or make it pretty, or both. Here are some ideas and inspiration for you and your friends:

And here are the bad examples:

Constructive criticisms? Sometimes I think it would be interesting to understand more about the tagger worldview.


  1. sometimes it's more about the act and how crazy of a spot it is, i doubt you would get your lazy ass off the couch and go hang off the edge of a bridge 30 feet off the ground and risk getting arrested.