Tuesday, February 14, 2012

North Lansing Against the World: breakfast at Golden Harvest

Yesterday while visiting a friend at MSU, EJ and I stopped by Lansing's Golden Harvest restaurant for an awesome breakfast. The place is great: quirky decorations, bumping metal and puck rock, and some great breakfast food. EJ went with lemon-raspberry French toast. I had delicious blackberry custard waffles. Our friend had a hearty chorizo breakfast burrito. The portions were generous and the food was tasty.

Golden Harvest has this great punk rock/raygun gothic/roller derby aesthetic. The logo is a skull and crossbones (well, cross fork and knife) with NO LAW (NOrth Lansing Against the World) written underneath it. The restaurant is covered in various monster and band stickers, and little wind-up robots. They play loud, jarring music. If you are ever in Lansing for breakfast, make sure you check out Golden Harvest. Make sure you get there hella early if you don't want to wait. We were the first patrons when we arrived at 7:20, and the place was packed by 8:00. Keep in mind this was a Monday. As a bonus, if you are there super early you may be treated to the special employee coffee which is really, really strong.

Check out this awesome little documentary about Golden Harvest and their devoted patrons.


  1. My FAVOURITE breakfast place in the Lansing area. I'm so jealous.

  2. Staying overnight = living in sin. Just FYI.

  3. Do they have biscuits and gravy?

    1. Biscuit and gravy is our secret weapon... first we make the sausage for the gravy, Professor Biscuit is proud of her little fluffy pillows of butter & flour, & makes a great start while you are waiting fir your meal... no fast food here! everything is made to order, prepared with care & the cooks are OCD about technique, ( one of the characteristics i look for when i hire...) so sit back, make some new friends, and enjoy the ride... thanks!

  4. @HD Biscuits and gravy are featured prominently in several items on the menu.

  5. Now thats a fine how-do-you-do -you-do! Thanks