Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postcards from the Edge

G$ and I braved the cold on Friday night to check out Postcards from the Edge. The turnout was slightly lower than for the previous pop-up, Nova Atlantis, but we can probably blame that on the weather. It was a pretty nice evening: I liked the art a bit better than the stuff at Nova Atlantis; there was less competition for the free beer; and we ran into @DragonMgmt.
Here are some pictures of the art I liked the best:
Call me déclassé, but robot art is my favorite type of art.
This piece was made by painter John Dinser.

Sculptor, Jacob Warren, had some cool pieces that combined plants with found cement thingies.

Graffiti inspired illustration by Matt Nisbett.

Another cool sculpture by Jacob Warren.

Overall I really enjoyed the art at Postcards from the Edge. You should check it out if you get a chance. I also highly recommend you stop by the next opening party for Charlie LaCroix Brokerage. Two words friends: Free Beer.


  1. I was most taken with the Jacob Warren sculptures. I wonder if you need a green thumb to keep them alive, or if they're more self-sufficient.

  2. Jacob's basement has been turned into a greenhouse - he grows all of the plants for his sculptures, as well as other foodthings you don't normally find in a basement like potatoes. However, most of the plants he uses in his artwork are evergreens or succulents, which require very little care.