Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

After a lot of rumors about its imminent demise, Michigan Book & Supply has closed. Rather than repeat ourselves and complain about the chainification of our fair city, I thought I'd ask a question. What kind of store - chain or otherwise - would you like to see in the Michigan Book & Supply space? Maybe BCB's long desired "Library Bar"?


  1. I can't remember when there were so many vacancies in the Liberty and State area.

  2. If Library Bar is a bookstore/bar, we need it. Iowa City's Prairie Lights should be the model. I know Damn Arbor is all-powerful in OFC (our fair city), so please, make it happen.

  3. I doubt it would go into the Michigan Book & Supply space, but Ann Arbor really needs an art supply store. MB&S was really the only local source for the various materials for art students, local artists, and landscape architecture/architecture students.

    It's really frustrating to have to turn to internet shopping and/or drive 30-45 or more minutes to Detroit/Dearborn to shop at Utrecht and Dick Blick. And Michael's on Washtenaw just doesn't cut it!

    Here's hoping that something wonderful comes to downtown A2!

  4. @Amanda, I like that. I too hope something wonderful comes to downtown A2. It really does sound like we need a good art supply store though. I've heard that Ulrich's might be expanding their selection.