Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The (Espresso) Bar

I made a brief mention last week when the (Espresso) Bar opened; since then I've been by a couple of times to check it out first hand. It's on the ground floor of the Bar at Braun Court, just across from Aut.

There's a small amount of seating and a good variety of coffees to be had. It's ideal for both sitting down with a shot and for taking something to go, especially if you find yourself in Kerrytown, where coffee is usually secondary to other food options, as at Zingerman's and the Co-op. Also, the (Espresso) Bar should be taking credit cards by the middle of the week thanks to Square, so you won't even have to go to the ATM beforehand.

Throughout March, the Bar will be donating part of their tips to Dawn Farm, which is a local non-profit addiction treatment and recovery support center. It's an extra reason to make the trip over to Kerrytown for a quick shot of espresso.

The (Espresso) Bar, 327 Braun Court, open Tuesday to Sunday, 8 AM - 3PM

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