Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photos from Machines of Loving Grace

Machines of Loving Grace, the latest showing at Charlie LaCroix's LePop gallery, opened last night to much fanfare. Here are some pictures of the event and the art:
Holding hands with a robot = loving grace. An admirer holds hands with UR Videohead by Rick Cronn.
A sculpture by Cre Fuller.

Another sculpture by Cre Fuller.

People milling about to see the art.

Sasquatch receiving a heart by Melvin McGee.


  1. LePop is filling a big hole in art exhibition in Ann Arbor. Chaely Chartier and Alan Bogle work very hard and deserve credit for their efforts.

    But, damnarbor really should credit the people whose visual content you are using in your posts. In this case, the artists exhibited at LePop. Nice pics, but who are these people? It's possible that your viewers might want to know.

  2. Great points Rick. I totally agree with you about LePop filling an important void. Also, I've updated the post with the artists names.



  3. He's a talented artist but the sculptures that you credited to Robo Todd are made by Cre Fuller who is also a creative talent.

    You don't have any images of Robo Todd's work, but let me help.

    It's fortunate that damnarbor isn't serious journalism but hey, at least get the credits right.

    Thanks for getting my link correct, even with my help.

  4. @Rick Cronn, Thanks for the help with the artist credits again.