Friday, March 16, 2012

Place that photo: Bagels, Bia

Green bagels. SO MUCH AWESOME.

I'd really like it if the world did this more often, but rarely does the world (read: United States) go as apeshit over one color as it does on St. Patrick's Day. Do you guys remember red bagels on V-Day? Red and green 'round Christmas? Black and orange on Halloween (OMG PLZ DO THIS)? If you do, then you're lying just to unprove my point, ya jerk.

I'm sure there's something reallllly bad for me in those bagels, like formaldehyde or asparagus, but until then, I will eat these thangs with glee. Or at least I turn the color of the food, which I've always kinda wanted to do after hearing that the eldest gal on the Partridge Family turned orange from eating too many carrots.

Today's (rather late) Place That Photo is purty obvious, in terms of what it is. However! Do you know where these delights came from? If you do, you should post your guess in the comments below. Feel free to leave your Twitter handle too, because whoever gets it right first shall be damned on our Twitter feed. If you don't leave your Twitter stuff, we'll just damn your damn name.


  1. I know where those came from - our office admins Katie and Bonnie! I passed. Something about green bread just doesn't sit right with me.