Friday, April 20, 2012

Place that photo: Hoo dat?

Alright, if you know exactly where this is to the point where it feels like cheating, and you actually know me, you gotta bow out of this one (you know who you are).

Or at least, they know HOO they are! Woo owls! Katie Harlow, a friend of DA, is an owl aficionado, and this owl is telling her to come back to Michigan. Of course, don't tell Katie I said that, because she doesn't like that people just know that they can give her owl things and she'll be automatically happy. I mean, I get it - we all gotta keep a little mystery, right? Next thing you know people will know the color of her undies. And it'll allllll be because of me.

Welcome to the 4/20 edition of Place! That! Photooooo! You tell me where you think this photo was taken in the comments below, accompanied by your Twitter handle. If you're the first to get it right, we'll damn you on our Twitter feed. If you don't leave a Twitter name, we'll just damn your damn name.

Last week's PTP was brought to you by @whitrae, and she told us it was taken:

"It's the doorway in between the main Grizzly Peak entrance and the Den entrance - the Den is the former home of the Del Rio!"
And awl y'all missed it, wahahahahaha!


  1. I fix image html code. Free of charge!

  2. Short story: Yes.
    Long story: It depends on how nit-picky you are with what you count as downtown, but I think most would say yes.

  3. hahaha oh god I saw that owl before reading the post and I thought to myself "oh man is that the owl Ben gave me for my birthday last year?" ..I think that owl resides at my parents, but they're twins.

    This warms my heart so much! However, I have no idea where that owl is located. I've been gone too long.

  4. I wasn't kidding when I said it was asking you to come back! And you are next weeeeeeek weeeeee!

  5. success -- all you have to do is publicly post owl photos and say they are calling to me and i'll come back. every time!