Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Regions of Michigan

A somewhat unflattering map depicting the regions of Michigan from Steve on a Plane. Walmart Fans for Ann Arbor, Gangsters for Detroit? What about "Yuppie Former Hippies" for Ann Arbor?


  1. Does this mean we Damn Arborites are Walmart Fanz?

  2. Is this person actually from Michigan or did he just pick up a book or something?

  3. The mapmaker is clearly a Spartan of a certain ilk. They have this insane belief that all the Michigan football fans are "WalMart Wolverines" -- that is, they buy cheap fan garb to associate themselves with something they feel is successful and will thereby raise their trailer trash status. I know, tortured "logic" but there it is. Check out the Red Cedar Message Board for more of this sort of "thinking."

  4. thanks anon i was wondering what that was about.

    i thought it was quite puzzling considering that ann arbor doesn't have any walmart stores...one arrived in ypsi maybe 10 years ago..also i think they built one in saline recently?

    i guess it works better alliteration-wise than 'meijers wolverines'